Google Ads & Pay-Per-Click
Management Services

Google Ads is Google’s all-encompassing marketing network that comprises the Google search engine, Gmail, YouTube, and billions of websites and blogs throughout the web—offering you an opportunity to reach a huge audience of potential clients. Since 2009, we are delivering PPC management services that generate more revenue and leads— maximizing the use of every dollar you spend. Our expert PPC team will optimize your marketing campaigns to increase your ROI.

We Make Your PPC Campaigns Successful

At JM Web Studio, one of our main services is managing PPC campaigns. We have been leading a search engine marketing agency for more than a decade. Our core services include organic and PPC campaigns. We keep up with all of the most recent developments in the latest paid search trends that allow us to optimize your PPC campaigns using up-to-the-minute and highly-effective methods. Our PPC campaigns have helped several businesses grow their revenues and boost their growth. Our expert paid search management team offers the best result-driven PPC Strategy that ensures an amazing customer experience.

PPC Advertising: The Lifeblood of Business Today!

Google Ads is the finest marketing platform for the advertising needs of your business, whether you’re to generate new leads, enhance online sales, build brand awareness, attract new customers, or maintain relationships with current ones. Our Google Ads Services include Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Ad Grants, Google Local Services Ads, Google Remarketing, Google App Ads, and YouTube Ads.

Fast and Economical

PPC is an effective way to boost the targeted traffic to your website as rapidly as possible. You can kick start lead generation and sustain it through ranking techniques like email marketing and SEO—that otherwise takes a bit longer to rank until it gains momentum. You can bid on the right keywords that your targeted audience is looking for and get the business right away in a cost-effective way. You don’t need to engage and pay for regular advertising space as you only deal with Google to show your ads only to the targeted audience. We consider your budget constraints and make the most of your investment.

Genuine Leads Boost Your Revenue

PPC campaigns altogether boost your ROIs by generating highly-converting leads. The PPC management team at JM Web Studio knows how to add value to your business through groundbreaking PPC campaigns. We promote your business to zillions of customers to maximize the revenues and growth of your business at a sustainable rate.

PPC Management Service Campaigns at JM Web Studio offer:
  • Tactical planning and goal alignment
  • Budget Management
  • New campaign setup and creation
  • Ad extension management
  • Continuing ad copy creation
  • Continuing keyword research and refinement
  • Continuing bid management
  • Negative keyword expansion and cost savings
  • A/B testing (ad copy, landing pages, bid strategies, etc.)
  • Continuing communication and account management
  • Demographic and Audience targeting and refinement
  • Data analysis and troubleshooting
  • Detailed monthly reporting
  • Expert suggestions for scaling
  • PPC consulting & much more

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