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For Business Owners: Why SEO?

In reality, ALL business strategies can lead you to either success or failure. The one important difference is how effectively and efficiently you utilized those strategies in your advertising efforts. Search engine optimization or SEO is actually one of the proven ways of gaining more traffic for business websites; in fact, research shows that it is the best method there is at the moment. Now, this sounds bias, isn't it? To prove the benefits of SEO, here are some facts you should learn about:

• More than 90% of all Internet users utilize search engines;
• About 95% of all search engine users click and visit only websites that are found in the page 1 of search results; • More than 70% of all search engine users rely on Google, Yahoo! and MSN/Bing in their searchers

What do these facts imply then? It's simple: your website and all of its contents should be OPTIMIZED so that Google and other search engines can put you to the top pages of search results, and thus, more people would be able to visit your business site.

Benefits of SEO

So what is the importance of SEO? How can it benefit your business? Here are the benefits you will not find in methods other than SEO:

• Affordability. The best thing about SEO is that you can certainly find SEO services that will suit your budget allotted for advertising purposes. You don't really need to avail of all SEO strategies out there. When you learn which SEO strategies are suitable for your business website, you will surely not waste your hard-earned money to other SEO methods.

• Faster recognition by target customers. One of the most crucial points of business success is putting your business on the right location; that is, at the right place where most of your target customers are. Through SEO strategies like link building and optimized web content, more Internet users will be led to your business website in no time.

• User-Friendly. SEO strategies such as article writing and blogging are probably the only online advertising methods that don't say, "Click this and buy our product!" What's great about these two SEO strategies is that they intend to pose a two-way benefit, which Internet users always love to experience– they learn helpful information from articles and websites, while you get your products and services advertised to them.

• Target-oriented. Do you want your business and your website recognized locally, nationally or globally? Whichever scope or target you want, you can always count on SEO for helping you achieve your advertising goals.

Summing It Up

SEO can make or break your business – that's the bittersweet nature of this dynamic strategy of advertising one's business online. There are so many business owners who get tired of search engine optimization after spending a considerable amount of money in their attempt to boost traffic to their website and increase sales, and quit. They end up with saying that SEO is "overrated", "failure" or "dead". What they don't understand is that SEO isn't about how much money you cash out to utilize SEO services; it's all about strategically knowing and applying SEO by heart and mind, and extending one's thread of patience to yard-after-yard.

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